We understand that technical solutions should be driven by underlying business goals, target audiences and processes; therefore we practice a
top-down approach to app development. What's your next big idea?

Our Mission

Provide personalized solutions that create memorable digital experiences.


We’ve been consistently rated as one of the top app development companies in the world.


We seek to create valuable apps that people want to use frequently. Simple!


Mold a development hub for the disruptive innovations of tomorrow.

Meet the Experts

We’re a team of designers, engineers and business analysts from every corner of the world. We love to collaborate with innovative and disruptive firms to create memorable digital experiences.

Industries we have served

We wake up in the morning to create apps that people will use, apps that make money, and apps that top the charts.

Government Service Agencies

We work with government authorities, public institutions, and nongovernment organizations to solve complex technology challenges and deliver innovative solutions to deliver services to citizens that deliver lasting impact.

Wellness and Fitness/Health

We partner with healthcare organizations to accelerate their innovation agenda, achieve their strategic goals of increasing market strength, improving the quality of care while making healthcare/fitness affordable and accessible.

Lifestyle and Entertainment

Mobile apps have revolutionized the media and entertainment industry. The craze for this industry among people has only increased with the introduction of apps in this category, which allows users to enjoy nightlife with their unique tastes.

Financial Services

The financial world is moving towards “frictionless” digital transactions. These changes to the market present a significant challenge as well as a significant opportunity for the financial services industry.

Disruptive Innovators

AppStudio has significant domain expertise across high-tech segments to work with the Innovators who seek to challenge the status quo across the board with their ground breaking ideas and innovations


Digital learning practices can help achieve the goals of your knowledge ecosystem. Educational institutions need a customized approach to deliver superior learning management, unique pedagogy and assessment methods