Rise of the On Demand Apps

Not too long ago, when we searched online for a service provider, we needed to call or email them, wait for them to get back to us, schedule a convenient time, wait for the provider to turn up and then pay them with cash, credit card or by internet payment later on.  This process was exhausting and time-consuming!

The success of Uber in creating a market for technology-enabled, on-demand transportation has encouraged entrepreneurs to look to other, often humdrum, daily tasks that tech-savvy users would be happy to offload.

The ability to order services online will result in an explosion of on demand services over the next few years.  On demand apps can be anything from food delivery, home services through to babysitters, ordered by the customer using their mobile) and delivered to their door in a short space of time.

For inspiration on how to create the next big on-demand service, founders should consider these questions:

  1. In what areas can a little bit of technology and organization save a lot of time and deliver a painless experience for the customer?
  2. What markets have been stagnant for years, and are on the cusp of uberisation?
  3. Can you build momentum among early adopters with digital marketing?
  4. How attractive is the idea to investors and the end users?

Building on-demand services require creativity, a passion for technology, and a love for efficiency.

Successful on-demand services make people’s lives easier, are loved by users, and can widen employment opportunities in a stagnant industry. And by creating the Uber of a new market, founders can reap enormous rewards and add tremendous value to their local economies.

What’s your next Big Idea?

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