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We think of ourselves as a strategic business partner rather than an independent contractor, our clients feel the same.

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Rise of On-Demand Apps

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On-Demand Apps

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Mobile Strategy

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Amy Macedo

AppStudio Client

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AppStudio Client

Amy Macedo

Based in Canada, Amy’s channel Macedo Beauty has over 8o0K subscribers who come to her for makeup tips, reviews on the latest products and basically anything to do with beauty.

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The IdealSmart App is a personalized Lifestyle Building assistant designed to help dieters achieve their weight loss goals while on the Ideal Protein Protocol.

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Stay updated with the latest resources and content about mobile app development with AppStudio – Toronto's premier design and development agency.

The Secret behind Appstudio’s Success

Appstudio excels in state of the art technologies and has incorporated exceptionally efficient professionals at its disposal. We are a company that has a decade long experience in handling app design and development. We top the list of mobile app development in North America especially in the United States, Canada, and its technological hub, Toronto.

We Are Equally Good for All Platforms

Android is a software that is accessible to most of the people, keeping that in mind, we have generated several Android app development projects which, are currently generating a lot of revenue for their respective owners. As far as iOS app development is concerned, we are one of the significant app development agency for the Cupertino based platform.

Although most of the app development companies perform stuff related to programming and then you are on your own, Appstudio makes sure that you get your desired result by following up the whole project. We not only thoroughly test the app before publishing but also integrate the users’ feedback and maintain the app so that there remains no errors and unwanted glitches.

Why Canada?

The mobile app development sector in Canada is witnessing a boom recently where authorities are focusing on providing cloud storages, facilities and prime developers to the businesses. Sensing the opportunity, Appstudio ventured into the arena and now has become one of the top app development agency. We have a long list of happy clients from the cities like Toronto, Montreal, and others.

Unmatched Experience

Our experience is backed by strong business relationships, established with companies and public services, always being close to our customers standing out for satisfying their needs and expectations, implementing services tailored to your needs. This has allowed us to be in constant development and innovation, being recognized for the excellence and quality of our services.

We have experience in different sectors. We have worked in the private sector with family businesses, SMEs and multinationals; in the public sector with public companies, national and regional entities in different areas; and in the third sector with NGOs, associations, unions, academia and international organizations.

Our Services

In addition to mobile app development, Appstudio has got a strong portfolio related to futuristic technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Chatbots, blockchain, and UI/UX design. Our management is focused to provide ultra-modern user experience and user interface designs with a motive to bring positive comments for our clients’. Appstudio is not a company having developers who do a little design or designers who do a little development. We are one of the few organizations that can combine innovation and technology, and this is mirrored in our ventures. Fortunately, Appstudio has got what it takes to lead your project to success. As an industry leader, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience when working with us. We not only offer complete transparency but also highly regard effective communication. Our clients entrust us with the development of their projects, and we rely on best-certified professionals on a technical level.

Creative Designers

The UX is the user experience that lives before, during and after interacting with the mobile app or website. The UI is the user interface, both the architecture of the mobile app and the elements in it. Making good use of UX and UI can positively benefit your app, customers and eventually will increase the brand value and revenue of your business. Good usability will make it easier for the user to reach the goal. Having a sophisticated digital solution with a correct integration of the design, will mean an important saving to the company. Moreover, with the efficient purchase process, companies get more business.

Here at Appstudio, we prioritize and excel in design prowess. Our design teams are always accessible by our clients as we believe without an efficient design and usability, the concept of having a mobile app fails. We focus on your strategic goals and deliver fine visual interactions. We also collaborate with our Engineering team to ensure our designs are technically feasible within the constraints of the project. At the same time, we’re constantly tracking innovative new technologies that can make the experience more seamless and integrated. Unlike others, our design team remain onboard the whole journey and ensures that our product will enhance customer service and meets users’ needs.

Optimized Developers

One of the keys to Appstudio's success lies in the fact that its algorithms allow optimizing internal processes so that developers and network professionals receive only projects that fit well with their characteristics and experience. In this way, Appstudio selects for its clients the best candidates in a completely efficient way, reducing time and costs.

More and more companies and entrepreneurs hire development and design services, but all too often they get poor delivery qualities, delays, or just don't find the right professional. Appstudio was born to solve these problems through a different value proposition. Our main objective is to make your project a success, selecting the most appropriate professional for your project thanks to technology and experience.